In our mission to help you achieve results, quickly, we do not limit you to one technique. Instead, we combine the most effective concepts in Pilates, strength training, core stabilization, movement analysis, efficient breathing techniques, postural re-education, PNF techniques and Myofascial mobility. Our high level of attention to alignment and form, coupled with an emphasis on firing the smaller intrinsic muscles of the body while building overall strength in your larger muscle groups, will provide you with body-changing results. From runners and triathletes to dancers and women through pregnancy, we will help you gain the strength to function at your highest level.

Sports + Performance

High level performance places exceptional demands on athletes and dancers. To meet these physical demands requires a dynamic program specific to your challenges and your body. Experience a balanced, efficient and strong body that can support the high demands of your physical activities. Our highly trained and experienced teachers use their in-depth knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology and physiology to actively build on strength training techniques in order to challenge even the most elite athlete. Obtain permanent results by our incorporation of myofascial massage techniques into your strength training appointments.

Post Rehab

Maintaining relief from chronic pain and returning your body to ideal function after surgery poses specific challenges. We design appointments to enhance the outcome of Osteopathic, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture and Chiropractic rehabilitation. Our approach to strengthening focuses on functional core stabilization, muscular balance, overall strength, flexibility, posture and neuromuscular control, making it the perfect complement to Orthopedic rehabilitation. Our appointments can be low impact and therefore safe for people with conditions such as osteoporosis, while at the same time challenging for high level athletes. Obtain permanent results by the incorporation of myofascial release techniques into your appointments.


During pregnancy the body goes through numerous physiological changes. Safe exercise during pregnancy requires a very specific, thoughtful program. We have extensive knowledge and experience with which exercises are beneficial during and after pregnancy (as well as which ones to avoid).  We will provide the safest and most effective workout possible.  Our emphasis on Pilates, as the perfect form of exercise for pregnancy, will help you strengthen and lengthen your body without subjecting your muscles and joints to impact or stress.  Once your baby is born we will help you quickly return to your pre-pregnancy level of health and fitness. We specialize in diastasis recti treatment.