Massage Therapy


Live in balance, free of restrictions between you and your goals. Grounded in anatomy and biomechanics we offer individual, highly-specialized appointments designed to eliminate myofascial restrictions that are preventing you from reaching your goals. Our approach to massage therapy will help you recover faster, provide relief from a wide variety of chronic and acute issues, prevent injury and enhance your overall physical performance and quality of life.


Taking your body to its limit inevitably results in myofascial restrictions. In order to perform at a competitive level, without muscular restriction or injury, requires more than an extensive stretching program can provide. Whether you are a professional ballet dancer, a competitive triathlete or training for your first marathon, we will help you work through any restrictions that may be limiting your potential. We have had success treating the hip, knee, ankle, foot, elbow, shoulder, back and neck in regard to muscular issues as well as nerve impingement.


Maintaining relief from chronic pain and returning your body to its ideal function after surgery poses very specific challenges. Accompanying most chronic and acute injury is muscular tightness and in some cases, extensive scar tissue.  Working through these restrictions often requires more than a stretching program can provide. We will provide you with a custom-designed and specialized treatment plan, as well as communicate with your health care provider, in order to speed your recovery.  We design appointments to enhance the outcome of Osteopathic, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture and Chiropractic rehabilitation.


During pregnancy the body goes through numerous physiological changes.  Aches and pains may accompanying this amazing time.  We will help you optimize your quality of life during pregnancy, labor and delivery by providing relief from many of the typical symptoms and discomforts associated with pregnancy.  Once your baby is born, we will help you quickly return to your pre-pregnancy level of health.  We specialize in diastasis recti treatment and can advise on pelvic floor and abdominal exercises for women before and after pregnancy. Our treatment rooms are set up for your maximum comfort, including the use of paraben-free products and The Body Cushion System.