“Training with melina is more than just a pleasure. Her focus and attention helped me to improve my conditioning and strength to be able to surf the best and biggest waves of my life alongside some of the top Surfers in the world in Fiji.”

“Melina Mackall’s therapeutic massages and prescribed at-home stretches are my secret weapons in the struggle to keep my body flexible and injury free.  Melina is a very talented and caring practitioner.  Working with her has allowed me to continue to enjoy all the physical activities that make life fulfilling and joyful.”

“Melina combines fundamentals of her background in dance with Pilates, GYROTONIC® Exercise and manual therapy to create masterful one-on-one classes that are dynamic, creative and uniquely tailored to the specific needs of my body.  Having trained with her for over 12 years, her artistry has tremendously benefited my body alignment, strength and flexibility. These are essential factors that allow my body to move with ease and elegance, and remain pain free.  I often recommend her to both friends and clients, and I feel very fortunate and honored to call her teacher and continue to learn from her. ”
Marcelo Coutinho. Certified Advanced Rolfer® at Village Rolfing, NYC.

“For the past 15 years, Melina Mackall has been my ultimate “go to person” for pilates and body work. Whether for general well being and maintenance, or specific issues, she has always been able to provide me with the utmost satisfaction and results. She has weathered my many “physical’ storms of  strained muscles, aches and pains, pre and post operative needs, aging…always with competence, professionalism and a true commitment to giving me the maximum in good health. Thanks to Melina I walk tall, have the strength of someone half my age, and have gracious contours. Don’t walk, RUN to Melina, it is never too soon.”

“Pilates training with Melina is what keeps me limber, balanced, and pain-free in all the other physical activities I do, from tennis to running to cycling to mountain-climbing.  Melina’s approach to pilates is extremely client-centered and holistic.  I find I constantly incorporate in all aspects of my daily routines and athletic outings the techniques she has cultivated in me for proper breathing, posture, and positioning. As a result, I am more attuned to my body and how to avoid injury.  And best of all, pilates with Melina is plain fun and shows real results in terms of strength and conditioning.”

“My wife and I have been going to Mackall Studio for almost 2 years and wouldn’t dream of of going anywhere else. Melina’s background in Pilates, GYROTONIC® EXERCISE, and massage therapy make her uniquely qualified to address a range of issues while providing a workout that never gets old. And, she is great at explaining body mechanics to help us think about form and posture, which has meant less tension and greater balance overall. The studio itself is pristine and inviting, the equipment first-rate. But in the end it’s Melina herself that keeps us coming back—her knowledge, warmth, and professionalism make it easy for us to put our health in her hands.”

“I have had trouble in the past finding someone who understands my body. Melina Mackall is perfect in that regard. She is a professional by every measure. She does credit to our profession.  As a pilates teacher she has made me feel completely connected to my body. I feel as though I have energy flowing throughout ever limb.”
Dori Bortniker  LMT, NCBTMB, ARCB

“Melina is a wonderful pilates teacher and message therapist. Working with her in the last two years has greatly improved my health and well being. I cannot recommend her too highly. If you visit her once my guess is that you will become a regular.”